About us

Our round the world trip
Green = Flight / Red = Overland

Every step we take in exotic lands makes home all the more foreign.

Brownbeartrip is the photography of Alicia Haddad* and the writings of
John Brownlie**. This blog was started around the end of our time in
South Korea where we taught English as a foreign language. With the
money we saved it was enough to fund several months of travel.

Enjoy our blog*** as much as we had, living, breathing, seeing,
smelling and retelling it.

*You can find a collection of some of her favourite photos here.

**You can read John’s blogs on South Korea here.

***This blog is not as up to date as our Facebook page which has some
of our recent photos as well as helpful hints for travellers.


4 thoughts on “About us

  1. I hope you two are coming to Orlando, Fl and staying with me!!!
    Love the blog and will def be stepping up my Alicia stalking on this. Thank you!!!

  2. It’s not stalking if you tell them about it 🙂
    We’ll absolutely be showing up on your doorstep in just a few short months. Not sure of the exact dates but we’ll keep you posted. See you soon!!!

  3. Have you finished the tie-burning ceremony? Your new day has just begun. Your journey must be the most fantanstic ever~^^

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