Baños and bridge jumping

Ever since I saw and read about puenting (bridge or swing jumping) I knew I had to do it.

Different from bungee jumping as the rope doesn’t have the same elasticity and the harness is situated around the body – most of it is painfully focused on the groin – rather than the feet. The rope is shorter and instead of falling or jumping a dive is required to create a swinging motion.

However standing on a tiny ledge, a fierce wind taunting, white waters raging beneath and several pieces of yarn attached to you, doubt enters the mind. Doubt quickly turns into fear followed by anxiety, cowardice, fragility, inadequacy and impotence. With the gut churning, legs wobbling and nausea setting in, the only thought is ´WHY?!´. Then above the loud logical thoughts of sanity, a clear commanding voice is heard “3…. 2….. 1……”.

And before you know it you´re screaming like a demented banshee.

© John Brownlie 2012

There are plenty of spots to jump in Baños, I chose the San Francisco bridge. This was again organised by Geotours costing $20. It could probably be found cheaper as Geotours do not handle the equipment, rather they just broker the deal. There are specialists on the bridge all day not affiliated with one tour agency. They will also video the jump, take pictures and burn a CD for just $5.


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