Flores, Guatemala & Hotel Mirador del lago

Flores is a small island located in the north of Guatemala. The entire area can be walked in just twenty minutes. Surrounding the island are the waters of Lake Peten which for centuries have provided a source of food and water. Bright colours from the local houses caught our eye when walking the cobbled streets as auto-rickshaws bounced around looking for a fare. The whole place is a hub for tourists wanting to explore the lake or the Mayan cities nearby.

We arrived there late afternoon and were introduced to Hotel Mirador del Lago by Edy, a charismatic fast-talking tour guide who joined our bus from the border (read more about that journey here).

Located on the east of the island, our room and many others were fortunate enough to overlook the lake. Although our accommodation was small, so was the price. It came complete with a balcony and a sunrise every morning. In the afternoons we would watch electric storms across the lake. And when the heat became too much we went down for a dip in the cooling waters.

With a wealth of great cuisine at a low price nearby, our life on a shoestring continues to surprise.

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© John Brownlie 2012


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