The award winning Sam Adams Brewery

His wrinkled hand pressed down the few white strands of hair that still weakly clung to his liver-spotted head. His other hand emerged holding an equally old leather-bound wallet. Shaking as he slowly picked his driver’s licence from the windowed compartment. He held it to the greeter’s face.

It was late morning in Roxbury, a neighbourhood of Boston, MA. Concealed by a maze of side streets, we were standing inside the multi-award winning brewery of Samuel Adams, about to participate in a free tour of the facility. Upon entry you are required to provide proof of age, regardless it seems of any amount of white hair dye and make-up that one may have. Failure to provide I.D. means no free samples!

We were the next in line and eagerly handed our credentials to the greeter for approval. We were welcomed into the brewery and informed a tour was due to start shortly.

Shortly was enough time to look around the entrance hall, which was a wealthy introduction to the brewery and to the Boston Beer Company.

The Boston Beer company began in 1984, with its flagship beer Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Within six weeks, the beer was named ‘The Best in America’. Today, the Sam Adams name has stretched to over 30 distinctive tasting beers using only natural ingredients. Named after Samuel Adams, a Boston-born brewer and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Sam Adams has won more awards than any other brewery in the world.

Our tour began on the hour and lasted for about 25 minutes. It was packed full of humour and information. Our guide was funny, charismatic and extremely enthusiastic. Most likely he was drunk, as this was the third tour of the day.

The leader galvanised us with promises of free refreshing ice-cold amber nectar. Throughout his address he incited yells, shouts and shrieks from his congregation. Dehydrated from anticipation we ended our pilgrimage at the bar. True to his word, pitcher upon pitcher appeared filled with alcoholic ambrosia. We drank our fill several times over and left merrily.

© John Brownlie 2012

To find out more information about the Sam Adams Brewery visit their website. Tours are free, with a suggested donation of $2, which goes to local charities.


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