Inside Grand Canyon Park

Waking to the warmth of sun on our faces, the once empty car lot was filling with families, cars, trucks, vans, and RVs. Tour companies were dropping off bus loads of tourists.
The Grand Canyon had woken and come to life.

Going inside to the Visitor Centre we were presented with a short impressive documentary on the formation of the canyon. At over 275 miles long and over one mile deep, we had a lot of exploring to do and not a lot of time to do it in.

With map in hand and a rough plan in mind we set out.

The continuous sculpting of the six million year old vista is left to mother nature. Transportation at the attraction is limited to special shuttle buses that traverse the rim of the canyon in an effort to preserve and prevent overuse of trails. Frequenting every 10-15 minutes, it was not long before we were heading away from the welcoming tourist trap into a wonder of the world.

Leaving the bus you are immediately hit with the sheer scale of the Grand Canyon. Stepping out onto one of the many thousands of precipices, unfenced and raw, you feel instantly vulnerable as the relentless wind pushes at you.

Looking out onto the intricate and savagely made landscape is unmistakably mesmerising. The unbashful beauty of the multi-million year surroundings are enforced by the intense colours of the seismic rocks. Standing at over 7000ft you feel minuscule to the mammoth.

With time and money being our only limitations on this trip, we were treated to an abridged version of the canyon. Regrettably, several hours after arrival we had to push on.

Next stop: The most well preserved meteor crater in the world.

© John Brownlie 2012


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