The Octopus and I

Something I have always wanted to do since I watched Oldboy eight years ago was eat a live octopus.

Today I finally decided to do it and went to Noryangjin, Seoul. Once there I bought two octopuses – by accident, as I only wanted one – and went to a nearby restaurant, where a much needed beer was readied to wash the cephalopod down.

This is a video of me eating Octopus no.2.


2 thoughts on “The Octopus and I

  1. Haha…lol…still chewing, funny!!! Wow, you had a time with that! It seemed that you were a little disgusted, though as you were eating it. I had my encounter with eating some live octopus, but I think you were brave to eat a whole intact one. When I had it, it was only a piece of one because we were at a restaurant where they bring it to the table and cut it up (as it was for several people). Unfortunately, my piece was only a tip of a tentacle which I think was expired already since it wasn’t moving in my mouth. So, you were even more brave!!!

  2. Oh goodness me. the Korean lady did make it look nice though the way she wrapped it around the stick like a lolly pop. i think in old boy it was a bit bigger though, so you should try again. Many brave points to you.

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